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These are the best gardeners I've ever hired. They do an exceptional job, my garden has never looked better. I would recommend to anyone in need of outstanding lawn care service.

  • Louis G.

Harrow Gardening Companies worked really hard to get the job done on time, very professional.

  • Adam Smith

My garden had turned into a real mess over the winter. It was in dire need of some professional help. I got that in the form of Harrow Gardening Companies. I did my research and settled upon this gardening company as the best firm for the job. Their local professionals didn't let me down. They carried out a tremendous amount of work in a short space of time. The work was completed to an exceptional standard. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Jen M.

Despite us having a completely overgrown garden that was in desperate need of some tender loving care, Harrow Gardening Companies managed to get the complete landscaping job done really quickly. They were cheap but excellent. Really could not be happier with the result and are telling everyone about them that we can. We have them back regularly to keep on top of things.

  • Michael Hastings

I had long looked for a garden maintenance team who could help me and I found what I was looking for with GardenersHarrow. Their team have been looking after my garden ever since and have done everything I've required. They have made my grass healthy, kept away weeds, trimmed trees and more. I don't know what I did before this team handled all of this work for me and so I'll be hiring them indefinitely.

  • Nathan Oldfield

GardenersHarrow and the team that did the trimming and hedging work in my garden really did an amazing job. Everything was completed on budget, in a timely and efficient manner and to an exceptional standard. I have no problems recommending this company.

  • Simon Joyce

My husband and I found we could no longer look after our garden ourselves. It is something we always enjoyed doing but as we got older it was harder to manage. We thought it best to hire someone to help us and Gardeners Harrow were exactly what we needed. This firm has been able to take care of our gardening for the last few months and have done a great job, keeping it tidy, healthy and good looking. Thank you.

  • Jenny

I've always thought that I could handle my garden cleaning tasks myself but then I started suffering with sciatica and it meant that bending down and doing more strenuous exercise got increasingly difficult. This is when I realised that I could no longer handle these kinds of tasks and so I decided to look for a company that could handle them for me. I found Gardeners Harrow and their details online and so decided to give them a call. They were very friendly on the phone and very helpful too. They handled my leaf clearance job well and I use them on a regular basis now!

  • Winifred Potter

The tree cutting service I hired was excellent and a good cost. I hired Lanw Care Service Harrow when some branches of a tree were hanging low over the garage roof. So to make sure there was no damage I thought it best to hire the experts to cut it back and make it safe again. The gardening professionals came prepared with the right safety gear and equipment and soon cut back the tree and made it safe again. Thanks so much for a great service!

  • Richard Gross

A truly great experience from start to finish. The team showed up at my house bang on time and knew what they were doing as they got to work right away. Very soon my garden waste had been cleared away, my lawn and hedges had been trimmed and my entire garden looked very neat and tidy. Lanw Care Service Harrow certainly know how to please their customers.

  • Amy Richardson

I had never landscaped a garden before, so I had to call in Landscaping Company Harrow for the help. Their team worked with me so that I could achieve the results I wanted. They supported me in planting the new plants and where it would be best to put them. They made a rockery and installed a pond for me, taking next to no time to do it. Over the course of a few days, the work was done and I had a beautiful garden. If you want expert landscaping help, these are the people to hire.

  • Kat Marsh

The speed and efficiency of the gardeners from Harrow Gardening Companies took me by surprise. My family and I are really happy with the way you used the space in our backyard. It's a really narrow garden but the team developed a design to make it look spacious. I could have never done this myself. The back garden now looks fabulous. Thank you for creating this wonderful space for us. Your gardeners are really skilled; their workmanship can now be seen in my garden. I consider myself lucky for having come across such skilled gardeners. Brilliant work!

  • Dominic S.

Work commitments had left me busy and utterly drained during the week, and the weekends and evenings have always been kept free for family time. So I'm not ashamed to admit it, but taking care of the little things around the house, including seeing to the upkeep of my garden really hadn't been much of priority of late. That's why Harrow Gardening Companies were a godsend. Their services were affordable, their gardeners were well mannered, hard working and knowledgeable and they did an all round fantastic job rejuvenating my garden.

  • Paris

It had been such a wet winter that I didn't want to risk working on my garden myself but wanted it looking nice. Landscaping Company Harrow gave me a really low quote for trimming and hedging and lawn restoration and repair that I decided to treat myself. I'm glad I did too. It was the best call I made this year.

  • Antony

Our busy offices have constantly had issues with blocked drains caused by leaves accumulating and blocking them. We always call Garden Maintenance Service Harrow who have a great value leaf collection service which is quick and really cost-effective.

  • Shirley Paterson

Our company runs three properties, two of which are Nurseries, with a total of 150 children registered. We had to be careful of assigning the gardening layout work to an experienced company who can be relied on. The employees of Lanw Care Service Harrow offered gardening services to suit our work environment and have also followed safety measures to ensure that work carried out does not hamper our operation and does not impact or harm the kids who are on the premises. In fact the entire garden work was carried out with minimum mess, despite the rain! They completed this tedious task on time. We have now asked them to undertake our garden maintenance including replanting, fencing, patio cleaning and more.

  • Melanie

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